I-Kepoh Aduan Awam

Aplikasi Mobile iKepoh

Aplikasi Mobile iKepoh merupakan satu inovasi baharu yang dibangunkan oleh KPKT untuk memberi kemudahan kepada orang awam bagi membuat sebarang aduan kepada Majlis Daerah Yan melalui mobile.

Objektif Aplikasi Mobile iKepoh

  • Menjalin hubungan akrab PBT dan rakyat melalui penyediaan saluran aduan yang mesra pengguna dalam memberi perkhidmatan terbaik kepada rakyat; dan
  • Pemantauan dan pengurusan aduan lebih berkesan kepada pengurusan atasan PBT dan KPKT melalui satu sumber sistem yang sama dan mudah dicapai.

Fungsi Aplikasi Mobile iKepoh

  • Membenarkan penghantaran aduan bergambar beserta lokasi secaraMobile;
  • Memberi maklumbalas kepada pengadu dengan lebih responsif; dan
  • Memantau statistik aduan oleh PBT atau JKT melalui dashboard yang disediakan dengan lebih efisien.


Maklumat Lanjut Sila Layari Website Berikut : KLIK DISINI

From afar, Mount Jerai which is the highest mountain in North Peninsular looks majestically beautiful as you approach Yan, the smallest district in Kedah. The scenic yellowish padi fields form a natural background to the 1,217m high mountain.

The mountain which protrudes towards Tanjung Jaga in the Malacca Straits has for decades become the guide for sailors that came to trade in this state. Some people claim the mythical Raja Bersiong was said to have opened up a settlement at the foot of the mountain.  This is based on the historical fact that Yan had since long ago attracted traders from this district as well as settlers from Acheh, Indonesia. Kampung Acheh and Kapung Sungai Limau whose inhabitants are mostly of Achinese descend is proof of the early settlers.

Even covers it has a small area, Yan has various natural tourist attractions in a typical Malay kampung environment. With a temperature between 19 and 24 degrees Celcius, Mount Jerai is a tourist attraction area especially to those who want to rest and enjoy the high mountain air.

With such temperature, it is very suitable for recreational activity at the summit area including trekking and cycling. If you come to Mount Jerai, you can see a giant boulder which resembles a ship.

There are quite a number of waterfalls in Mount Jerai to bathe.  Besides that, the Forestry Museum can also be visited for one to see the jungle treasure. If you are interested in flora and fauna, you may find many species such as orchids, aquatic insects, butterflies, frogs, birds, pitcher plant and herbal plants.

Gunung Jerai also stores a lot of geological treasures.  In fact the formation of this mountain is said to be the same as Mount Marchincang which is 300 million years old. Geological items of interest include colourful stones, granite, garnet and monazite.

Being located near the sea, Mount Jerai provides a very scenic and astounding view of a highland area.

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